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Quotes about us

“With more than 20M individuals, ‘Maxwell’ immediately becomes one of the largest cryptocurrencies in use, this makes our investment decision and entry into LATAM very attractive.”

Chairman Keun-Young Kim
WTIA Co., Ltd.

“Rijndlpay’s vision is to enable real-time transactions and settlement between all the stakeholders of any payment ecosystem with any currency, be it fiat or crypto or cross border remittances. The platform can scale to about 15,000 transactions per second. We have developed on hybrid technology that can scale to any model that customers and compliance demands of each country.”

States Mitish Chitnavis
architect and CEO of Rijndlepay

“We’re very excited to be working with MEDSiS and their upcoming plans related to the Maxwell Stablecoin.  The BlockCard platform will allow customers to spend it anywhere major credit cards are accepted.”

Daniel Gouldman
CEO of Ternio

Countries / Contracts

COLUMBIA  /  Completed
BRAZIL  /  Active
ARGENTINA  /  Active
US  /  Active
EU/EEA  /  Coming Soon